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Known as the "Grass of the Sea", diatomaceous earth accumlates at the bottom of the sea as microscopic algae. wholeness total body a "best practices" gold standard message when it comes to High-Purity,


Diatomaceous Earth Secret

Adapting Mother Nature's truly unique natural-healing modualities, we can activate the body's innate self-renewing processes the right way for wholeness and restoration. SILALIVE Silica's purity is in perfect coorespondnce and alignment with Nature by delivering a Premium-Human-Grade D.E. Supplement sourced with 100% Pure, Natural, Quality Ingredients (cleansed & micronized) designed to help regain youthful vitality and vibrant energy.

Silica Supplement Results

Adapting the way you use your body is the fastest way to change your physiology. and Radically changing your dietary behaviors and exercise habits will essentially automate and kickstart the path towards. Balance. Diet of the Mind. What are you feeding your brain. Nutrition, Longevity, and Medicinal Supplements. empower

Make sure DE is pure